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Hello, Please feel free to contact our 7*24 online service. Here some F&Q hope you can find something you need. Thank you.

Q: I don’t live in any of those states. Should I still buy an ID ?

A:Using the ID of a state other than the place of residence is fine. In college towns, international students and students from other states are common, so an ID from another state is not unusual at all.

Q: I got my new ID, but I find some incorrect information on the ID. Can I ask for a new one?

A:Yes, every ID has a free replacement for three months.

Q: Can you make the ID first before I send the money?

A: Yes. You can text me on Twitter/facebook/whatsapp, and I will make the ID for you first and send you the photo of id which you order.Then send the payment..

Q: I made an order and paid but I don’t want an ID anymore. Can I get a refund ?

A: The answer is NO. We can’t refund once we send the package out.So please make sure you really want one of our fake ids before you pay!

Q: I don’t want to provide an address. Is this okay?

A: Yes, We can help you make a fake address on id.

Q: Do you add shadows to pictures?

A: Yes. We will re-edit the photos provided by customers and will have shadows added as needed. Picture quality is very important, and It is very necessary to provide high-quality photos..

Q: I want to become a reseller.

A: We can give you Group purchase price If you join us reseller plan.The minimum order quantity for an agent is 10 IDs for each order. You would email us at [email protected], We will give the best price after you submit your order to website.

Q: How long does it take to get my fake ID ?

A: First,It will take 2-4 days to Making IDs .

Shipping time:

1. FLASH DELIVERY/EXPRESS SERVICE: Since we charge extra ($50) for this type of order, we will prioritize the order and ship the ID(s) by DHL which take a minimum (3-4 DAYS) & maximum (7-8 DAYS)  to delivery.

2. STANDARD SERVICE: will deliver your ID with STANDARD SHIPPING, which is free and takes  7-14 business days.

3. SHIPPING: DHL, FEDEX, USPS, EMS,. Most of our packages were delivered by using EMS and USPS. DHL is only for express deliveries.

Q: Does my fake ID Scannable ?

A: IDGODVIP is your #1 source for top quality fake ID,We make premiun scannable fake ID since 2004. Our fake IDs are very popular among the youth throughout the US. We never let any customers down. Our fake ID page lists each feature that comes with our IDs. please feel free to use them.

Q: Can I use my specific/custom Name, Expiry Date, Address or License number on the ID?

A: Yes, You could use custom name, age, address, expiry date, signature & other information to submit your order. We even allow you to choose the hair colour, eye colour or endorsements that you want on your license. But we notice our customers to be vigilant while doing so.

Unless you know what format the license number of a specific state is, you shouldn’t use a custom license number to order from us because if you use a wrong format, then your ID may be spotted as fake by any in-state clerk or Bouncer.

We allow you to leave the fields, such as expiry, issue dates & license number or class, empty. By leaving them empty, our system generates custom license numbers and the rest of the credentials using our “FAKE ID INFORMATION GENERATING SYSTEM,” which is as accurate as the DMV software. Hence, if you don’t know what you should write down or fill in, please let us do it for you.

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