“Is scannable fake id undetectable ? ”- Serial 2


You may think that Mark does not need two fake IDs. How can these fake IDs keep up with technological updates and not be exposed?

“People are doing some professional things to ensure they can have the best products on the market for a long time. That’s why people like me have so many IDs.” He showed me a few photos of the latest scannable fake IDs. -One of the fake California driver’s licenses is considered one of the best licenses on the market. (He said that this is almost the same as a real document.) He said that the key point is to replicate the unique perforations and microprints that exist on most real documents under ultraviolet light.

He suggested that I take out my California ID and try to find a bear mark, which is one of the golden state piercings. Some discerning customers will seriously look for this security feature when buying scannable fake IDs, because they are the first thing that experienced bodyguards and liquor store owners must look for when identifying fake IDs. If there is no advanced mechanical equipment, this It is almost impossible to copy.

However, the most important thing is to defeat a small machine called the terminator of fake ID: the box scanner. All the information of the ID can be displayed on its small screen so that bodyguards, store owners or casino staff can easily check to find fakes. It can scan the entire front and back of the ID and accurately compare it with the real ID. The result is obvious. Since there is no perfect fake ID, most fake IDs cannot pass the scanner test. Thank goodness, Mark said, they are not common. Most of them are in government departments and research institutes of some universities. For example, Boston University.